Google São Paulo

At Google São Paulo, we work with advertisers across Latin America. We work hard, have fun and never take ourselves too seriously. Best of all, the bright colors and flavors of Brazil are reflected in everything we do.


We’re a sales office working with big global companies as well as small- and medium-sized businesses spanning the region.

We have teams working here in people operations, marketing, communications, business development and more.

We were named best company to work for in Brazil in 2010 and 2011 by the Great Place to Work Institute.


Number of São Paulo Googlers: About four times the number of zeros in a googol

Some of our conference rooms are named: Ipanema, Forte Apache, Bambolê

Percentage of São Paulo staff with a moustache during Movember 2011 (including female Googlers with fake moustaches): 90


Google Brasil Internet Ltda.
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3477
Pátio Victor Malzoni, 18º andar
Itaim Bibi
São Paulo - SP, 04538-133
Phone: +55 11 2395-8400
Fax: +55 11 2395-8401

Inside Google São Paulo

Sampa is one of the world’s great melting pots, with more than 20 million residents and growing. Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East – our city blends cultures from around the world. We love everything from spaghetti to sushi. But we typically give things a uniquely local twist – you can find mango added to traditional sushi recipes, or (seemingly) eat at a different pizza place every night for a year.

We do the same at Google São Paulo. We work hard, selling to global companies as well as local businesses across Latin America. But we’re probably a bit less formal and a bit more focused on fun, which is no surprise in a country known for samba and Carnival. Because Brazil is online in a big way (with twice as many Internet users as France), the opportunities to grow our business are plentiful.

We enjoy all the benefits Google is famous for, like snooker tables and a great cafeteria. We have a diverse workforce – for instance, we’re home to a strong community of Gayglers, who have been instrumental in bringing LGBT-centric speakers and a film series to the office. We’ve welcomed speakers as varied as Oskar Metsavaht and Miguel Nicolelis.

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We work hard, but play hard, too. It’s a fast, dynamic environment, but also informal and lots of fun.

- Fabio Coelho, Brazil Country Director

Google São Paulo: Frequently Asked Questions

What do São Paulo Googlers focus on, in terms of work?

We work with big and small companies across Brazil and Latin America. Key verticals for us include consumer products, retail, travel, automotive and finance. And because Internet usage patterns are different here than in other countries (for instance, Brazilians love Orkut), we get to work with them on a unique set of advertising solutions.

What makes Google São Paulo unique?

In addition to the standard array of beverages, in our micro-kitchens you’ll find guaraná soda. Many of our Googlers are football ("soccer," in gringo-ese) fanatics, and you’ll find the flags of the "Iron Trio" São Paulo clubs hanging in the cubicles of paulistanos, as well as those of far-flung clubs in the cubicles of Googlers from other parts of the country. We have a lot of laughs watching two of our Googlers put on comedy sketches when Nooglers come on board, fondly called “Noogler Disorientation.” We have an outstanding chef who makes a mean feijoada and gives us regular cooking lessons. On off-sites, our teams do things like play handball, participate in 24-hour auto rallies or go wine tasting.

Google’s known for innovation. How does that play out in São Paulo?

We’re always looking for better ways to do business. For instance, some of our Googlers developed a spreadsheet that automates the sales-proposal creation process, reducing the time it takes to create a proposal by 70%. And to help those wanting to carpool to work, we created a tool using Maps to show where all our Googlers lived – and when we decided we needed a new Sao Paulo office, we used it to help choose a location that makes commuting as easy as possible for our Googlers.

Have any famous people visited Google São Paulo?

We’ve had everybody from Eric Schmidt to local celebrities like environmentalist and politician Marina Silva and musicians Gilberto Gil and Marisa Monte.

What does Google São Paulo do to help the surrounding community?

We do lots of volunteer work, going to local schools to teach kids to use technology, and cleaning up local parks and playgrounds. We encourage Googlers to walk, bicycle or take public transit to work. And we run a program to help NGOs in Brazil get more out of technology.

Life at Google São Paulo

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